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Jason Capital - Creating Sexual Tension

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Jason Capital Creating Sexual Tension

Jason Capital - Creating Sexual Tension

OK, I actually have no badass, unique
way of saying "what up" today..

You're a cold-blooded charge of positive energy,
I have my name engraved in bathroom stalls
everywhere, we get it..

We're both absurdly awesome.

Let's begin with the success-making NOW.

GameGiving Week is coming to its final close
tomorrow, and my, what a wonderful week
its been..

It started on Day 1, when I shared with you the entire
22-page tale of my escapades with red bull-vodka
(I think some models and NFL cheerleaders
were there too).

Then I shared with you a little trick I picked up
that makes her SUBCONSCIOUS like you
more than it already does.

And then yesterday, if you are the ACTION-TAKER
you've promised to be, I gave you advice that
will forever change the course of your life.

And by change, I mean make 10-100X better..

More girls, more fun, more power, more charm,
more status, more WIN.

*pause for overwhelming inner contentment*


Today, we're talking about my favorite
thing in the world.


Just kidding.

We're talking about nonchalantly making her
want your dick SUPER BAD..

See, Jake wrote me this question the other day.

(BTW, big UPS to Jacob. Taking massive action
betting on HIMSELF, and seeing enviable results
because of it.)

"Yo Beast

Just wanted to pop in and say happy gamesgiving!

Your daily letters are a highlight of my life. Your acute insights
are absorbed, processed, mixed with a little of my own magic
and used as fuel to propel me on my path

I'm experiencing some bumps.

More about those later.

Right now. 2 things.

1: Game. Giving it.

The Keanu Reeves line is alright.

Other than that.

"Are you trying to seduce me? " *smirk*
"cuz you're like really sucking at it"

Yesterday I called this cute girl (who I'm really into) a "violent seductress"
because she keeps touching me and playfully pushing me etc.

She has great girl game, she's hot, and cool as fvck. Aka: Winner.

2: Sharing. Awesomeness.

You asked fellow badasses to share awesomeness with you. I gladly oblige.

You also speak of the "best moment in one's life"

I just experienced mine today.

I was talking to a really fvcking cool and hot girl today (not the one from above,
but strangely enough, they're both named Amanda.Awesomanda..? Maybe)

I put this girl in my friend zone because
I honestly can't seem to seal the deal.

But like a good badass in training,
I put her in MY friend zone. No power lost.

Anyways we were talking today and she just gets it.

We had an amazing conversation about life and free expression and
not giving a fvck and how people who do give a fvck end up being creepy and weird.

We both just get it.

We're not sheeple.

There was a moment of awesome eye contact where she smiled real big and
I smirked and she blurts "I LOVE hanging out with you, Jake"

I felt magnificent.

I'm gonna work on removing her from the friend zone and
put her in the interesting sex zone.

We talk about sex often, she talks a good game, we'll see if she measures up.

I might keep you posted.

Now to a.


Can you help me to my end game?

Help me transition from FC+charming

To fvcking.

Thank you in advance.

You rock

I rock

Much love."


Hey Jake, do you know who you're better than?

Almost every single person not reading
this newsletter.

Thank you for that.

Love what you did with training the Patience muscle,
putting her in YOUR friend-zone and keeping all of
your POWER for yourself.

Now you ask me for some guidance going from
Charming and Attracting her face off to blasting
all over her face..

Well, the truth is dude.you have a tool for this.

A special tool, given to you at birth.


There's a scene in The Avengers where Tony Stark
walks into the main ship of Shield..

He wants to penetrate their computer systems,
and get access to all of their most valuable,
protected files.

But instead of going into some dark room,
logging on to a laptop, and trying to crack
the code himself..

He distracts everyone in the main room with
playful but purposeful conversation, and
quietly sets a little device near their computers,
where Jarvis, the sarcastic robot assistant,
is going to swipe all those secrets for him.

He knows now he can just come back later
and the info he needs will already be
unlocked for him.

You want to know how to transition from
CHARMING her face off to making her
crave the satiation of your dick.

.this is how you do it.

You quietly spark some Sexual Tension inside
of her, then RELAX..


Go fvck with The Hulk, if you want,
like Tony Stark does.

Because Sexual Tension is your Jarvis.

It's going to rush-deliver her, to your cock,

See, when a girl is attracted to a guy, she definitely
wants to be around him, and she wants that validation,
and interest and attention.

(He gives her some but keeps making her work for more,
because he respects female nature, BTW.)

But she doesn't necessarily want to SLEEP
with him yet..

Her emotional brain shifts from "be around this guy"
to "get pounded by this guy" when you SPARK

Because sexual tension in a girl DOES NOT GO AWAY,
unless YOU kill the tension later on at some point.

If I tell a girl who feels my HIGH-STATUS and is already attracted to me,
"You're so cute and innocent. I bet you and a 6th grader would
make a really compatible couple".

..she's going to feel the TENSION inside of her.

If she sees me as valuable (which she does, since she's
already attracted), then a innocently playful comment
like this is unstoppable to her.

There's nothing she can do to NOT feel the tension.

It's an involuntary switch in her emotional brain
that I just triggered.

And tension never just "stays as is"..

If you give it SPACE, it grows.

If you crowd it, it shrinks.

^^^Re-read those last 3 lines 10 million times.^^^

So after a comment like that, I lay back, relax and
I let the sexual tension take care of the rest FOR ME,
like my own personal Sex Jarvis.

(I cover all of this in DEEP detail
inside "Creating Sexual Tension" and
in "The F-Me Now Formula".)

So here's what you do:

You spark tension early, then..

You set it, and forget it.

Every so often, you come back to it, and amp it up
a little bit more, but mostly.

.you let it do what it does.

And then at some point, it's going to override
her entire emotional system and she can't
take it anymore.

It's sometime around this point she attacks
you like a hungry guard dog, looking for some meat.

And since it's GameGiving Week, and since
Jason Capital always OVER-DELIVERS.

Here's one more frame I use for this all the time:

It's called the "You're too innocent for me" frame.

You saw it in action above..

Just making all kinds of playful little comments
every so often about how it would never between
you guys, because "she's just so innocent".

It sparks tension, it implies you're the bad boy,
it implies you'd fvck her like God would if
you thought she had earned it, etc.



There's a lot of applause going on in my head right now,
I'm gonna go bask in that while I whip up some green juice

BTW, because I'm really pleased with how
many fvcking badasses have shared something
this week so far like Jacob, I wanted to reward that.

So check this out here and pick it up if you want.

Will be there for at least the rest of today 🙂

Later vader.



P.S. This is what happens when you start

1. Betting on yourself

2. Spend your money only on travel and self-education, and..

3. Take huge action.

"Hey Jason,

I got a girlfriend so quickly you wouldnt even imagined. all with
charm installation system and power switch.

At my job, I recently got invited by two buddies, i would normally have conversations
with them only at the job, but now they wanna see me outside Job. insane.

i got so many invitations coming from everywhere, my real problem is that
I find no time for myself lately. wanna say yes to everyone because
it opens doors saying yes, but sometimes we need time alone, its vital!

Before that, i was doing the opposite haha, i was having too much time on my own.

i'll manage a way to make it good. but it just feels like I have the choice
of who i wanna put in my life:D instead of what comes my way which
is the best fvcking feeling ever!

Stay cool,



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